Finding the mat in summer

Summer is here! Ok almost, as the weather continues to warm we really want to be outside and we say heck yeah! Get some sunshine and blue skies and fill your soul with a breath of fresh air! Warm weather begs us to move our bodies in ways we may have missed such as biking, hiking and running. As you begin to add these to your summer days you can feel how beneficial your consistent yoga practice was this past winter! So you may want to remember to add a couple of yoga practice days into your summer schedule. Here are a couple of things your summer practice can offer you...

1.Keeping you connected to your internal environment. Staying present to what is going on with your mind and body while enjoying your summer activities can help you avoid injury. 2. Keeping up with the progress you have made during the winter months. 3. Mixing things up. If you are doing a lot of strengthening type movement it can be an advantage to throw in a restorative or mindful hatha class to slow things down and stay balanced.

4. A yoga class during the week can help keep you prepared for that extensive warrior weekend. Helps keep you aligned and aware of your body and its limitations and abilities! 5. We love seeing and connecting with you! Coming to class during the summer months helps keep all of us connected!

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