Just for today...

Just for today I am going to wake up slowly. Sit quietly gazing out the window sipping my coffee. After a crazy couple of weeks with full schedules everyday, things to do, people to see, just for today my time is my own.

Our lives are full, full of work, requirements, children, parents, cleaning, packed schedules, things to get done! This fullness can offer a sense of purpose and fulfillment, it can also create a feeling a being lost when we are offered with an open schedule. It is interesting how when our lives are too busy it can create stress and anxiety and when we have too much time it creates much of the same. This speaks to our inability to balance our lives.

When we slow down and are aware of the moment, of our physical body, where our mind is wandering off to and how we are feeling, we are connected to how we are managing our world. The contrast of rushing off to go somewhere or get something done to slowly meandering through your day can be quite stark. This vast difference is full of information about you. It offers some insight into how to better manage your life, so when you have the time you can cherish it and relish in the luxury of choosing what to do next, if anything.

So sleep in, move slowly, sip your coffee with a "mmmmm" at the end, and enjoy as Mother Nature begins to warm her heart here in the northern hemisphere. As you notice both your busyness and your down time you will have the raw insight needed to begin to interject a bit of down time into your busyness and vice versa. Enjoy just for today!

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