Here comes the New Year!!

The end of the road is here! Say goodbye to 2017, what's done is done! Get ready for the wild ride of 2018! Make this coming year the best yet! Do all the things you have been putting off, spend more time with loved ones, find a passion, add some down time in your life for contemplation, prayer, meditation, or just focus on your heart and breathe, get out and move your body, spend time outside even if it is cold, have coffee with a friend and laugh.

Our go to at the new year is often about how to fix something about ourselves, this reinforces the idea that we are not good enough. Better eating habits, more exercise, drop the extra pounds, how about just once, put that aside and listen to what your soul is asking of you. Where is the emptiness that your are trying to fill. This year be inspired and show the world your greatness and above all find a community that supports you sharing your gift with the world, we all need it! Here is a question to ponder... What is a positive, productive inspirational, earth moving thing you learned, heard or felt that you could cultivate this coming year? How will you nourish, nurture and add to it, creating goodness for yourself and others? Confused? I'll help you get started, this year I will think about death everyday. Why you ask? Well I listened to a podcast about the meaning of Carpe Diem and it got me thinking and feeling about how I or even if I ever really "seize the day". So one way to do this is to realize that life isn't forever, to begin watering the seed that is waiting to break through the soil!

Roman Krznaric: The Real Meaning of Carpe Diem

We live life once and we don't know how long our life will be, so perhaps take a moment, open your heart and let this be the year you share your greatness, your gifts and the wonder and beauty that you are with the world!!

Happy New Year!

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