What do I need to create a value based life?

I am a big fan of living a full, peaceful life. Full and peaceful means that I spend 80% of my time doing things that fill me with energy, create joy and offer a feeling of peace instead of urgency. The other 20% is logistical, perhaps not life giving yet necessary.

You may or may not be aware, there is a subtle movement in our world, more and more people are re-creating their daily lives to mimic this 80/20 rule by living their values. Whether money, career, family, spirituality, relationships, people are focusing their resources (time, money and energy) on what they value.

I recently came upon an article about money and wealth by Garrett Gunderson. He does a great job at helping individuals think about how they are spending their money. I would like to share these questions with you to help you consider how are you spending not only your money, but your time and energy as well.

  • How does this benefit me now and in the future?

  • How does it make me feel? Does it give me a sense of satisfaction, peace of mind and enjoyment?

  • Does it give me a sense of confidence?

  • Do I want this more than other purchases I could make instead?

  • Considering that I’m my greatest asset, does this add to my energy and overall well-being?

  • Is this a reward for meeting a milestone or doing something great?

So often we are stuck living someone else idea of what our life should look like. Living our values greatly reduces stress in our lives. There are many stress management techniques however this is not one that is usually offered. Well I am offering it to you. Live life by what you love, it will fill your heart and soul.

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