Welcome to Indigo Om Wellness

Welcome to Indigo Om Wellness. We are looking forward to seeing you often for classes, massage, coaching and special events. This endeavor is important to us and we want to let you know it is our intention to create a community of wise, strong, peace filled individuals.

Indigo Om is a safe, open space for fun and laughter, healing and support, to be a resource for living a better life. A life of strength in body, mind and spirit, discovering ways to integrate basic, foundational steps to live peacefully purposefully and abundantly.

Because we are a pair who operate through intention, we wanted to know what the color indigo represented. Here is some of the things we found...

Communication, meditation and peace, the violet speaks to inspiration. The color is great for concentration, so great for meditation and getting in touch with personal insights. It can help strengthen the right brain increasing intuition. The color stresses vision, structure, faith and freedom, honesty, trust and solid foundations, as well as leadership and power. This is what we want for everyone who comes to this space.

Please feel free to come in, experience a class, schedule a massage or coaching session, or just have a conversation about how we can work together to help you achieve what you need to create an inspired life.

Once again welcome!

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