Kind Comments

"This class exceeded my expectations. It has given me a gift of freedom and peace. In this brief experience I've realized a place within me that I've been ignoring; I can care again, about me, about H-P."
― Anonymous H-P Employee 

Negative Patterns


"The HeartMath Resilience program is immensely helpful to me in the daily restoration of balance and progress in my life. Compared to meditation it is active, something I can do in the moment anywhere, which is more conducive to peace, productivity, and progressive forward movement in my life than is meditation.


The stress related issues I needed to change revolved around long engrained negative thought patterns I got stuck in when reflecting on past relationship issues and past, present, and future financial issues. I felt sad, angry, helpless, and hopeless about them and was irritated by my incessant return to being angry about what happened because I had already intellectually worked it out and recognized the need to let it go.


Regarding my situation on a scale of 1 – 10, I rate my awareness at 6. I was aware of what I was doing but was unaware of how to proactively disengage myself from the energy draining pattern of negative, blame-based thinking. Through engagement in the HeartMath Resilience program I now rate my awareness at 10. Michelle taught me the techniques and coached me in applying them to my individual and evolving life situation.

Most helpful to me is that now a HeartMath technique is now my ingrained reaction to stress. The techniques most useful, beneficial, helpful, powerful for me to integrate in my life are the Quick Coherence and Heart Lock-in methods. Michelle’s instruction and guidance through the HeartMath Resilience program made the techniques easy to learn, apply, remember, and incorporate into my daily life.

LF - Wisconsin

"Me + you = growth😘"

CC Wisconsin

“Everyone has noticed I have calmed down at work and at home.” ― Anonymous, one month after training 

“I can directly apply what I learned in this course to the challenges of my daily workload as well to other areas in my life. Thanks!” ― Customer Support Engineer, Fortune 100 company 

Making Big Decisions


"I felt stressed; Making big decisions.  The challenge of change.  Fear of moving forward, finding a new normal in my life.

Going through the Heart Math process has been amazing.  I now realize how unaware of my actions I’ve been.

I have less brain fog.  Gaining self confidence.  Became aware of holding tension throughout my body and clinching 

my teeth when driving.


This is by far the best program I’ve worked with.  It’s simple, easy to remember, I can do it anywhere, anytime I feel the need.

Being able to take the time to learn one technique at a time and at my pace is wonderful.  


I’ve worked with Michelle with Life Coaching and now Heart Math Skills.  She is a gifted Teacher.  

I’ve grown in so many area’s of my life personally and spiritually.   With her guidance I’ve learned to go within get in touch with my feelings and find answer for myself.


Going through this program with her has been amazing.  I highly recommend this program to everyone. Michelle’s an excellent instructor she keeps it fun and interesting.  I was always eager for the next session."

LH - Wisconsin 

Job Loss


"I decided to work with Michelle when I found out I was loosing my job in 90 days.  As you can imagine so much was going through my head, so much loss, loss of value, self-worth, fear of not knowing how or where to even start thinking about finding something new.  I wanted to get to a place of calm and move forward feeling grounded and thinking clear.


I wasn’t very good at shifting from my unproductive feelings, I seemed to ruminate over and over and it was difficult to have the motivation to move forward.  Once I started the program things began to shift.  The techniques are deceptively simple and yet make a big impact.  The most challenging thing is to get into the habit of practicing.


My biggest epiphany was learning I was capable of moving from the negative thinking and feeling and shifting into something more productive.  I work with and without the technology, it is not necessary to have the technology to be successful.


Michelle is a wonder to work with, she has the ability to ask the right questions, get you thinking in another direction and presents alternate possibilities.  Her style of coaching was relaxed and thoughtful.  I felt very comfortable with her."

KN Wisconsin