Nature and Forest Therapy

What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a slow walk in a natural environment with the intention of rest for both mind and body.  Forest Therapy is influenced by the Japanese practice of Shin-rin Yoku translated as "Forest Bathing".  


It is an opportunity to return to your foundation.  A way to get back to your roots, to a true way of being, your authentic self.  This slow purposeful walk offers a journey to reawaken the relationship to the natural world through all the senses giving the busy mind a break, resting the thinking process, returning to life renewed, refreshed and reconnected. ​

What Nature and Forest therapy is Not

Nature and Forest therapy walks are not about hiking or physical exercise nor are they an opportunity to learn how to identify plants as in a naturalist walk.  It is simply a time to rest in the environment of the natural world. 

We have been told for most of our life we are separate from nature but the truth is we are part of nature.  We need nature to survive. A forest therapy walk opens up channels to this original connection.

It is beneficial for those living with anxiety, burnout, and mental fatigue and exhaustion.  If you are feeling stuck or uninspired, a nature and forest therapy walk can establish balance and create a sense of renewal.


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What Happens on a walk?

The walk is between 2 and 3 hours.  The walk can take place at a city park or a more rural, forested setting.  There may or may not be a trail. We will let you know what you will need and suggested items to bring along.  

Because the process is about connection, the invitations will be about engaging the senses. Invitations are not exercises or activities, they are suggestions, and you are welcome to interpret them however they call to you.  


We may walk a trail or simply go off on our own for a while then all return together to share the experience (you may pass, silence is a form of sharing).  ​At the end of our time together we will slowly come back renewed, refreshed and perhaps more connected to ourselves. 

Why do I need a guide?

You most certainly can do a walk on your own, however having a guide offers you the opportunity to really let go of your busyness and engage in the present moment.  Having a guide offers someone to watch the time, give you guidance through invitations, take care of details and helps you to truly get the most out of your time.  It may also offer you permission to take a break, so often we don't allow ourselves the time to care for our needs, signing up and paying for a walk can be a way to make the commitment. 

Having a certified guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs offers you peace of mind. The ANFT is committed to a researched based structure, to continued development of the program and the guides and to keep up on the current research and growth of this very important industry.  

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