Class Schedule 

Monday:        8:15 am Strength and Mobility 
                       9:30 am Vinyasa Yoga
                       6:00 pm Slow Flow Yoga

Tuesday:        8:15 am Mindful Hatha

Wednesday:   8:15 am Strength and Mobility 
                       9:30 am Restorative Yoga
                       5:30 pm Quiet Power

Thursday:     6:00 pm Movement for Self Care

Friday:           8:30 am Quiet Power Yoga

Saturday:      9:00 am Hatha Yoga

Class Descriptions


We emphasize the importance of presence and attention during the practice.  Going fast and hard to work up a sweat is not what we teach. While there is a definite possibility you will work up a sweat, it will be from deliberate action and taking yourself to the edge. 

We remind you to be in the moment, to connect with where you are right now and reveal what you need to do to get you where you want to go.  

Slow Flow: This class offers a slower pace with emphasis on alignment and maintaining the balance of the slow breathing.  This class will explore longer held poses as well as times of a more fluid practice.  Great for beginners.



This class designed to restore the nervous system, promote breathing and stretches the deep connective tissues.  ***Suitable for pregnant women.


Mindful Hatha:

This class takes you through the poses slowly with awareness. Each pose moves into the next as you discover how you move through life.  The class offers a 40-minute yoga practice and 20-minute meditation practice. Great for beginners and those short on time, wanting to practice both meditation and yoga.


Quiet Power:

 This class is an evolution of your inner physical and mental power.  Beginning with a slow pace and stillness in asanas, you discover the edge of resistance, progressing into a practice developing strength.  A great class for those who desire to develop an authentic yoga practice as well as those looking for a feeling of a true workout.


Hatha Yoga:

This class uses postures and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. Uses props such as blocks or belts to assist or maximize a stretch. Encouraging proper alignment, it offers balance, strength, and calmness. Beginners and all levels


Movement by breath, dynamic flow breath by breath.  Vinyasa is a fast-paced series of postures or asanas that focuses on the flow between movements, rather than individual poses.  Good for those wanting a workout


Strength and Mobility:

This class will use targeted mobility drills to increase and maintain the range of motion in your joints!  You will be safely guided in the use of kettlebells and your own body weight to quickly increase the level of strength in your upper and lower body.   Programming varies each class to keep you interested and coming back for more!  This class is designed for the beginner and advanced student.  You meet your body where it's at and work at your own pace. 


Movement for Self Care:

This class uses methods from yoga, qi gong, self massage and meditation to put together a strategy that helps to reduce anxiety and get the energy moving in the body.  Anyone can join movements can be done sitting or standing and are done to your current ability.  This class is a great way to practice self patience, self compassion and self care. 

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