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We’re checking in with you all and hope that this email finds you safe and healthy during these trying times.

We temporarily closed our doors on 3/17 because of the worsening situation of Covid-19.  As you know Governor Evers has ban all non-essential business from being open at this time to flatten the curve and minimize the risk of spreading this virus.

We cannot wait to be together with you again.  In the meantime, we hope you are able to keep up with your practice and are getting outside each day.  This is all so important for your health. 

Indigo OM YouTube channel

On line Classes

If you haven’t yet, please check out our YouTube Channel: Indigo Om Wellness (click the button above). We have uploaded classes for you there.  Michelle has been offering some classes on Facebook Live too.  

We are exploring a way to bring you live classes.  So please stay tuned.

Rebecca is offering her kettle bell class as well.  If you are interested in joining her please  contact her at:

Class Passes

Please rest assured we have you covered.  

*Monthly Unlimited:  We have recorded all of the memberships with closing on 3/17 we have reviewed all the monthly memberships and will be added the days back in that we are closed.  Some of you have chosen to re-up your monthly packages for April already and we are thankful.  This support with help us pay for the things that are still required even though we are not using the space, rent/insurance/teachers/web systems etc.  

*12 pack pass: Any unused passes will be available for you to use once we are able to open our doors again.  

How you can help us

We rely on you coming to the studio and sharing your practice with us.  In this time when we cannot be together you can help us, so we can be here for you when the ban is lifted.

*Renew your class passes and memberships.
*Gift certificates to share with your loved ones to celebrate when we can be together.
*Donation for on-line classes.

As you can imagine the impact of Covid-19 on our economy and this small business will be substantial.  Many of our expenses continue while we are not open.  Any revenue we can collect during this time will help us stay open and be together again.

Thank you for all your support!

We are so grateful for all of you.  We would not be here if it was not for this community.  We hope you find our on line offerings helpful while we cannot be together and look forward to seeing you on the mat soon.

Michelle and Deb

Resources for you during COVID19

Full Body Relaxation
Grounding Meditation

During this uncertain time we putting together some free resources for you.  
We hope these will support you during this time and if there is anything else you need or you have suggestions please let us know at

YouTube Channel: has recorded yoga classes 


Positive Emotions


Barbara Frederickson YouTube on Positive Emotions


Please have patience with the audios below they take bit to begin playing...Thanks.

Take a look what we have to offer and if you have any questions feel free to email us at

We are located in downtown Neenah, 124 W. Wisconsin Ave. upstairs Suite 225 in the Marketplace.

Welcome - We are Indigo Om Wellness!


If you have been here before then welcome back, if you are new to us then we look forward to seeing you at the studio. 


Indigo Om was created with strength, wisdom, peace and community in mind.  

Our mission: Cultivating a community of individuals who embody strength, wisdom and peace within, living from the inside out!

We offer yoga, classes and private sessions, massage, resilience coaching and meditative techniques to help you better understand your strengths and limitations so you can develop the ability to live well from the inside out.  We also offer a variety of workshops during the year, some facilitated by our teachers others by guest instructors.  













2018 Indigo Om Wellness Studio

Marketplace downtown Neenah

124 W. Wisconsin

Suite 225

Neenah WI 54956

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Find out why our yoga classes are different!

We emphasize the importance of presence and attention during the practice.  Going fast and hard to work up a sweat is not what we teach. While there is a definite possibility you will work up a sweat, it will be from deliberate action and taking yourself to the edge. We remind you to be in the moment, to connect with where you are right now and reveal what you need to get you where you want to go.  

Curiosity and discovery are foundational elements to build strength, wisdom and a sense of peace and this is what you will find in our community.

Click on the classes tab to register for a class!

 If you have never tried yoga, or are reluctant come on in your

first class is free!!!